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Words That Move

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Client Testimonials

Robbed at gunpoint while coming home from work

Unless you’ve been robbed at gunpoint, you have no idea how devastating it can be. I had nightmares, I couldn’t sleep. I was terrified to go to work. If it wasn’t for Terry at Victim Services, I wouldn’t have known that there was help out there for people who go through stuff like this.

Raising three children alone, after fleeing an abusive marriage

My ex-husband was stalking me. He threatened our kids and basically made our life a living hell. The High Risk Support Services Program gave me a sense of security because I knew if he ever came into my house, I could get the police here in minutes.

Witnessed a fatal car accident

By the time the police got there, I couldn’t stop crying and shaking. I couldn’t think or get words out. The woman from Victim Services understood exactly what I was going through. She comforted me and stayed with me through the whole ordeal. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what I would have done.

Lost his son 

I lost everything instantly,lost hope, meaning of life, I do things like Robot, auto pilot.
It's so guilty that I am still alive and doing things as usual and even more, because I need look after stuff my son left in this world, 
I need to identify, moving his apartment stuff, contact bank, his working place, and search for the reason why this is happened to me.
Victim service hold me and offer me a compassion and share the grief with me.
I wasn't become crazy but I do have still some feeling left that acting weird and unusual, they keep me in so that I'm not too much feel guilty and responsible...even wept with me.
Later on I have to call them when I broke down again.