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Words That Move

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Dr. Alok Mukherjee
Chair, Toronto Police Services Board

For the Toronto Police Services Board, the work of Victim Services Toronto is of great importance. It constitutes a key plank in our vision of community safety. Community safety requires a multi-pronged approach including robust policing to deal strongly with perpetrators of violent and criminal activity, preventative interventions to build community capacity in the face of threats to social well-being, and, equally critically meaningful and effective support for those individuals, groups, neighbourhoods and communities who suffer in the aftermath of violent and criminal acts.

The responsibility for carrying out this last piece falls largely on our Victim Services Program. It is a heavy burden, which, since 1979 , the staff and volunteers of this organization have carried with tremendous caring, sensitivity, dedication and commitment. And they continue to do this on a budget that can only be described as modest and, even, precarious. There are few services as important as this, which provide the value for money that Victim Services Toronto does.

Diane Flacks
Writer, Toronto Star

The root meaning of the word ‘compassion’ is ‘to suffer with.’ It takes a special person to be truly compassionate in the face of repeated trauma and the naked rage of grief. What kind of person could suffer it? Why would they?” In interviews, Victim Services staff tell me why. They know they make an immediate difference. They can intervene when a victim is the most raw and most likely to accept help. And they know that, in these dire moments, we are all the same.

Ken Cenzura
(Retired) Superintendent, Community Mobilization Unit, Toronto Police Service

The Victim Services Program of Toronto and its dedicated staff have provided an immeasurable service to our community. During my tenure as the Commander of both the Homicide Squad and the Sex Crimes Unit, I saw first hand the need for this agency who responded to the requests of Investigators on numerous occasions, and provided support, outreach and referrals for victims.

Patrick Au
Executive Director, Chinese Family Services of Ontario

One of the truly unique qualities of Victim Services Toronto as an organization is their continuous proactive efforts to improve and enhance services and victims’ access to those services. Victim Services Toronto continues to make tremendous contributions to victims in our communities.

Peter Crosby
Clinical Manager, Partner Abuse Response, and Caring Dad's Programs

Victim Services Toronto continues each year to serve thousands of vulnerable people who are better off because they exist. This organization is tough, focused, ably led and determined to serve. It performs an absolutely critical service to the community. No other organization fills this niche.