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When you donate to Victim Services Toronto, you become part of The Village, a community of supporters dedicated to improving the lives of victims of crime and sudden tragedies in Toronto.

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Provides meals for a family in the aftermath of a crime or crisis.


Buys a cell phone for a victim of human trafficking, gender-based violence, or intimate ex-partner violence. A new cell phone is critical as abusers and traffickers often clone the phones of victims to track them when they attempt to escape.


Purchases a Ring video doorbell for a victim who has fled from an abuser or trafficker and is now living in a temporary or permanent safe accommodation. Abusers and traffickers can be relentless in tracking their victims and unfortunately often find them. A Ring can save a life by giving victims the chance to phone police when their abuser or trafficker shows up at their door.


Pays for the removal of a branding tattoo for a human trafficking survivor. Traffickers coerce victims into getting a tattoo of the trafficker’s name or nickname, often on the back of the neck, to show others that the victim is their property. No one should live with the name of their exploiter on their body.


Provides safe accommodations for a victim and their dependents fleeing from an abusive ex-partner or trafficker.

Ways to Give

Become a monthly donor. Providing continuous funding is one of the most impactful gifts you can make and allows VST to help survivors throughout the year.

Make a one-time donation. Every amount helps and makes a difference for a victim.

Make a tribute gift in honour or in memory of a friend, co-worker, or loved one.

Make a planned gift through securities, life insurance or a bequest.

Give Today

Donate online and instantly receive a tax receipt for your gift.

You can also donate by:

  • Mailing a cheque payable to Victim Services Toronto to Victim Services Toronto, 40 College St., Toronto, ON M5G 2J3
  • Calling us at 416-808-7066

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