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Traffickers coerce victims to borrow money from creditors and use it to buy cell phones, hotel rooms and transportation. The theft covers the trafficker’s tracks.
It also burdens their victims with debt.

The Reclaim program supports Canadian survivors of human trafficking by:

  • Working with banks, telecommunication companies, car rental companies and property managers to remove fraudulent and coercive debt from the victim’s name.
  • Advocating for survivors and ensuring they’re not revictimized by a process that requires them to retell their stories to strangers.

Founded in 2019 as “Project Recover,” the initiative joined Victim Services Toronto in 2022 and changed its name to Reclaim through a process informed by survivors.

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The Reclaim program works with human trafficking advocacy agencies that have an agreement with Victim Services Toronto. Advocates certified by Project Recover seeking the program’s support for a client can contact us. to learn more or

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