Human Trafficking Prevention & Intervention

VST provides case management, advocacy and crisis response for human trafficking survivors. VST offers youth and parent workshops to raise awareness about the risks of human trafficking and how to prevent it.

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Human Trafficking Case Management

VST provides specialized case management, advocacy and, crisis intervention for human trafficking survivors such as:

  • safety planning, emergency accommodation/shelter, food, and basic necessities;
  • Intensive case management support including systems navigation, referrals, linkages and advocacy; and
  • Establishing and developing deeper community connections including outreach initiatives and knowledge exchange.

Human Trafficking Prevention Workshops

Victim Services Toronto offers workshops for both youth and parents to help raise awareness about the risks of human trafficking and how to prevent it. These workshops are available at the request of schools or agencies.

Topics discussed in the workshops includes:

  • What is human trafficking?
  • The broader context in which human trafficking takes place
  • Where young people are recruited from
  • Red flags to look out for
  • What consent really means
  • How to recognize (un)healthy relationships
  • Staying safe online

The workshop for parents also includes:

  • How to support your children
  • The story of a parent of a survivor
  • How to get involved and spread awareness

For more information about the Human Trafficking Prevention Workshops, contact us today.

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