Who We Are

Victim Services Toronto provides trauma-informed support and advocacy in the moment for any person in Toronto who has experienced crime or sudden tragedy. We also work to prevent violence through community engagement.

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Our Vision

To create a thriving community where people are safe, supported and empowered.

Our Values

  • Survivorship - We honour the stories and struggles of those with lived experience, empowering them to uplift others.
  • Adaptive - We are continually listening, reviewing and innovating so we can be agile and embrace change to meet the community’s needs.
  • Presence - We will be there. We will show up. We will listen. We will not avoid difficult conversations. We will stand with you and acknowledge your pain.
  • Innovation - We are not satisfied until our clients are safe and their needs are met. We see gaps in the community as challenges to be creatively addressed by innovative programming.
  • Advocacy - No person or community exists in isolation. A community cannot thrive while its most vulnerable are struggling. We will continue to use our voices until communities among us are safe.
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24 Hour Crisis Line:

(416) 808-7066

Have you been a victim of crime or sudden tragedy?
We are here to help.
Call our crisis line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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